Yes California Moves Ahead With Succession Plan

The latest attempt to declare California its own country is now clear to gather signatures. Organziers got permission Monday to try to qualify for the November ballot.

Marcus Ruiz Evans heads up the Yes California campaign. Right after President Trump took office, Evans says polls showed significant support for breaking off from the U.S. "47.5 percent of Californian's were not opposed to having this conversation," said Evans. 

Evans and his partners have tried this before but failed. Organizers say the possible re-election of President Trump in 2020 could galvanize support for an independence movement. "We're a lot more practiced. We're a lot better organized. We have a lot more members. And we've kind of gone through this a couple of times so nobody's going to be shocked when they go out and start collecting signatures."

If the idea qualifies and is approved this fall, the state would then hold an internationally supervised election on independence in 2021.

Yes CA logo2

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