Placer Sheriff Hosts Camp Allowing Kids To Interact With Department Horses

The Placer County Sheriff's Department is holding its 25th annual "Ride with Pride" event June 11, 12, 13 and 14. 

Placer County kids ages 7-12 are invited to attend a FREE one-day summer camp where they can interact with sheriff's deputies and the horses that patrol and help with search and rescue efforts.

“The kids really are drawn to the great big, huge, animals that are actually really, really nice and soft and docile and smell good and are really friendly,” said Lieutenant Kevin Borden. “They love to get the pictures with them.”

Children will learn about handling and grooming a horse... and they'll even get to ride one!

“The kids each want to pick their favorite horse,” Borden explained. “Every kid’s got a favorite color.  They’ve got the favorite horse that neighs or that looks a certain way that they really like. Each kid is just fascinated and drawn to a horse.”   

With participation limited to 25-30 kids per day during the popular four day event, spaces are likely to fill within hours after registration opens Tuesday, May 1 at 10am.  

Click here and look for the Ride with Pride heading to register.  That header is set to go up sometime Tuesday morning.

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