Dr. Omalu Defends Autopsy Of Stephon Clark

The pathologist who police shooting victim Stephon Clark's family hired for an private autopsy is firing back at the official Sacramento County coroner's report which called his finding erroneous. 

Dr. Bennet Omalu says Clark was shot six times in the back, while the official autopsy found it was only three times. To bolster his case, Omalu released an autopsy photograph which, he says, shows six bullet wounds to the back of Clark's torso and other body parts.

Lawyers for Clark's family are accusing Sacramento County officials of an attempt to undercut what they called "the clear conclusion of Dr. Omalu's findings that Stephon Clark was shot in the back, multiple times, while armed with nothing more than a cellphone, posing no real threat to police."

Official Stephon Clark Autopsy Differs From Family's Version
Official Stephon Clark Autopsy Differs From Family's Version
Sacramento County's newly released autopsy report is much different from one offered by a private autopsy in the days after the shooting death of Stephon Clark


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