Sacramento County Might Owe You Big Money

If you want to donate to the Big Day of Giving but are a little short on cash, you might be in luck because it turns out that Sacramento County might owe you some money.  It's sort of like finding money in the sofa cushions: Sacramento County is sitting on $2.4 million in uncashed checks just waiting to be claimed. 

In these days of too-good-to-be-true scams, our news partner, KCRA 3, had a little trouble convincing some of the people that the county owes them money, like the woman who's owed over a thousand dollars.  With a little persistence from reporter, Tom Miller, the woman was finally convinced she can file a claim.  "Who couldn't use a thousand dollars?", the woman asks, "We all can use a thousand dollars."

The money is from things like overpaid taxes and fees.  A check is mailed out, but if that check goes uncashed after six months, say, it goes to the wrong address, the name goes into a database.  You can check here to see if your name is on that list.


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