Prosecutors From Several Counties Prepare For Golden State Killer Case

The Golden State Killer, also known as the East Area Rapist, suspect is back in a Sacramento court room Monday as his arraignment continues. 

With crimes spanning a decade in multiple jurisdictions, who will get first crack at prosecution?

Prosecutors from several counties including Orange, Ventura and Sacramento are meeting to decide how to move forward. Should there be separate trial or one bid consolidated case? 

KFBK legal expert Bill Portanova is a former federal prosecutor.

"It is going to be a mutual prosecution," says Portanova. "Theoretically, a lot of the evidence is going to have to be shared, so you can expect that there is a committee working on that plan."

Portanova says there's a good chance Sacramento county will get first crack since Joseph DeAngelo was living here and was arrested here. But prosecutors have their work cut out for them since so much time has passed.

"Prosecutors have to find the people who did the work on these cases," explains Portanova. "Or find new people to do the work so they can testify."

Similar high-profile cases spanning multiple counties have been consolidated into one trial in recent years.

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