One Dead After Car Flies Off Capital City Freeway

A bad crash leaves a man dead and parts of Arden Way and the Cap City Freeway blocked during the busy morning commute.

The crash happened around 3:30 this morning, when the SUV heading eastbound flew off the Cap City Freeway just before the bridge at Arden, it hit a power pole and landed in the eastbound lanes of Arden, almost folded into two. 

CHP Officer Mike Zerfas says they'll check to see if the man killed was drunk or high, but he says there's really only one thing to blame for this crash.

"The way the poll is sheered at the base and the way the car is crushed, suggests nothing less than just speed," says Zerfas.

SMUD has cut off the power in the area and that includes the signals closest to the Arden off-ramp from the westbound cap city, so remember to treat that as an all-way stop.

That broken pole holds power lines over the freeway, so expect at least one eastbound lane of Arden and lanes in both directions on 80 to be closed long-term while the pole is replaced and wires are restrung.

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