Sacramento Police Officers Conduct Training Exercise Inside Home

A homeowner has filed a complaint with Sacramento Police after officers entered his home when no one was there, conducted a training exercise and left... Without ever telling the homeowner.

The homeowner, who prefers to remain anonymous, says he would have never known what happened if it had not been caught on his home security cameras.

"The first image I saw was actually officers with their guns drawn in my living room," says the homeowner. 

He accidentally left his front door open. Police came in, checked out the house, and then left. But moments later they're seen re-entering the home and apparently used his home for a training exercise. However, they never left a note or let the homeowner know they were inside his house. 

KFBK Legal Analyst Bill Portanova defends the police, saying they didn't break any laws. 

"The entire incident only lasted a few minutes," says Portanova. "And they never really clear the scene."

As for the homeowner, he has mixed emotions. He's glad they protected his home, but he wishes they left a note.



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