Students Rally For CSU And UC Funding

Budget battles are heating up ahead of the June deadline. California State University and University of California students and faculty are asking the governor to fully fund higher education so that more students can experience the California dream.

The governor's budget proposal includes billions of dollars for reserves and saving for a rainy day. Assembly member Susan Eggman is among those saying that rainy day is here. 

"The governor talks about a rainy day fund... I don't think it's any coincidence that it's raining today. It was 80 yesterday, it's raining today. Fully fund the CSU, fully fund higher education," said Eggman at a capital press conference.

The governor's budget proposal includes 92.1 million dollars for CSU. CSU is asking for 263 million which includes only allowing for a one percent enrollment increase. Senator Ben Allen says that's not nearly enough. 

"According to the California budget and policy center we have around 40,000 qualified students who are turned away every single year from CSU and UC due to capacity limits."

The coalition of education and legislative leaders will continue pressing the issue as budget negotiations approach the June deadline.

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