Sacramento Opens New Parking-Protected Bike Lanes

Sacramento's new "parking-protected bike lanes" are now open!

The lanes are between the sidewalk and where you park your car and provide a kind of safety barrier for Downtown and Midtown bike riders.

Brad Middlebrook says they're fantastic for his 21-year-old daughter who's autistic and can get a little stressed out when she bikes with cars zipping right past her. 

"We were riding on traditional bikes lanes and on the sidewalks," says Middlebrook. "So the new bike lanes have allowed us to go more places in a much safer environment."

City leaders say you'll get used to them, and they're not concerned about the new lanes causing traffic back-ups on streets like "P" or "H", where they say you need to. 

Money from the state's new gas tax helped to pay for these changes.

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