Sacramento Revolutionizes Electric Vehicle Market

A tech startup looks to reshape the auto industry right here in Sacramento. Highlands Power is creating new smaller, lighter electric motors developed and manufactured in the Capital region.

Highlands' new motor is half the size and weight of traditional electric motors and they say it outperforms even the new Tesla Model 3. 

Mayor Steinberg says Sacramento intends to be a state and national leader.

"On alternative fuel technology, on autonomous vehicles, on research and development and on all things innovation," says Mayor Steinberg. 

Highlands Power founder Connor Whaley says Sacramento is the perfect location for his company to flourish.

"There is a huge talent pool of engineers ready and willing to work on these projects," says Whaley. "And we have a huge amount of different colleges and universities with students ready to jump into these as well."

Mayor Steinberg thinks the next generation motor could help secure Sacramento's future as a player in the electric vehicle industry.

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