Social Media Is The New Evaluation Barometer

social media mobile apps (KHQ stock image)

You'll want to think twice before you post a rant about your co-worker or pictures of you drinking on social media. It could cost you a job.

While the fear of having something embarrassing or negative discovered on your social media might tempt you to completely erase your online persona, Nysha King, Media Relations Lead with MRINetwork, says hiring managers expect candidates to have some sort of online presence.

"That's a smart person who recognizes, 'okay, employers are going to be checking me out so I need to be smart about how I position myself and my brand,'" says King. 

A smart social media strategy can improve your odds before an interview, but a weak social media presence can cause you to be ignored by potential employers.

"It's about striking that balance," explains King. "Making sure that what you're saying is acceptable and also showing that you're active on social media. You're tech savvy, in a specific industry or part of a group and talking about the trends that are happening." 

Some applicants will set their profiles to private or make separate professional account to attract the attention of recruiters and employers.

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