City Cracks Down On Illegal Fireworks

The calendar says it's Spring but the dry grass and brush indicate a new reality in California. Fire season is here. The city of Sacramento has a reminder, there's a zero tolerance policy on illegal fireworks.

Police and fire officials joined city leaders to announce a renewed campaign against illegal fireworks. City council members such as Rick Jennings receive many calls this time of year about the problem. "The impact of illegal fireworks in our community can be seen in with increased fire danger and fire damage every year," Jennings said at a morning press conference.

Last year there were more than 500 calls on the 4th of July about illegal fireworks and 6 related fires. A new illegal fireworks mitigation team is going after those who sell, buy and use the fireworks. Chief Daniel Hahn says the team confiscated 73 pounds of illegal fireworks yesterday. "The suspect on this was arrested for a misdemeanor. And like I said, this is one of many operations to come in the following weeks," said Hahn.

You can watch the press conference below.

illegal fireworks arrest

Police will hold two illegal fireworks amnesty days where people can turn them in no questions asked. They are Sunday June 10th and Friday June 22nd.

illegal fireworks amnesty

All legal fireworks will contain this logo.

Safe and Sane logo

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