Movies With Lana; Ocean's 8 & Hotel Artemis

Ocean's 8

Who could have imagined that the new female-driven “Ocean’s 8” heist movie would be this much fun? For starters, maybe “Ocean’s 8” director Gary Ross (“The Hunger Games”) and screenwriter Olivia Milch (“Dude”). Toss in an exceptional cast led by Oscar winners Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett and you have all the ingredients for a surprising summer hit. 

Bullock, stars as Debbie Ocean, the feisty and conniving sister of Danny Ocean (George Clooney). We learn early in the film that Danny has died and we see Debbie paying her respects at a crematorium. But is he really dead? Listen closely to Debbie and you might think otherwise.Debbie has spent the past 10 years in prison and hasn’t changed one bit. She’s a master thief. 

She gives an Oscar worthy performance before her review panel and convinces them that she’s a new person and is ready to lead a simple life of just working and paying bills. Yeah right. Debbie plans to keep the family’s criminal tradition alive and well. In fact, being in the pen so long, only made her more determined to pull off the ultimate heist.

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