Funding Approved for New Sacramento County Courthouse

The newly approved California State Budget includes $460 million for a new, state of the art, courthouse in downtown Sacramento.  

Set to be built at the corner of 6th and G Streets, behind the federal courthouse, Mayor Darrell Steinberg calls it a huge boost to the city's vision to develop the railyards.

“Between Kaiser, the courthouse, Major League Soccer – which we don’t have yet but we’re still fighting for – and the mixed used housing development, this vacant land is going to be vibrant sooner rather than later,” said Steinberg.

Superior Court Judge Ben Davidian says its past time to replace the current courthouse that has served Sacramento for more than 50 years but is now outdated and needs an upgrade.

“The community has grown, and the number of cases have grown, to a point that we now are spread out in several different courthouses,” said Davidian.  “This will give us the opportunity to consolidate them and we’ll save a lot of money.”

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