Cancer Prevention: Determine Your Risk

The American Institute for Cancer Research released its 3rdExpert Report (Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: A Global Perspective). With one in two cancer diagnoses preventable, the research provides actionable steps to reduce your risk with an evidence based set of recommendations for cancer prevention. 

About 40 percent of all cancers are preventable. The primary recommendation: people should aim for a healthy weight.

Overweight and obesity links to twelve cancers,” said Alice Bender, AssociateDirector for Nutrition Programs with theAICR. The rest of the recommendations in the report are key lifestyle recommendations to control your weight. 

“Being physically active. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of plant foods. Limiting the number of fast foods and highly processed food that you eat,” said Bender explaining some of the recommendations. 

She adds there are some choices you may not even realize come with anyrisk. Alcohol links to increased risk for six cancers, for example. 

She also says avoid foods and beverages high in sugar and load up on water not sugary drinks. Of course, don’t smoke and limit your time in the sun.

Anyone can assess theircurrent cancer risk at

“We’ll tell you how you’re doing. Where you’re doing well. Where you can improve in relation to these ten recommendations,” explained Bender. 

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