Jazz Education Foundation Seeks To Provide Music Students With Instruments

Playing trumpet

Students aspiring to be musicians can apply to receive a free instrument thanks to the efforts of the Sacramento Jazz Education Foundation.

The non-profit organization is looking to provide instruments to elementary and high school students learning to play music.

“The main mission of the Jazz Education Foundation is youth education and music – particularly focusing on jazz and keeping jazz alive in young musicians,” explains Leslie Barger.

Over the last year, a variety of instruments have been donated and refurbished through the Instrument Match Program

“We have trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, trombones, guitars, banjos… Even a drum set,” says Berger.

Applications are now being accepted from music students who otherwise might not be able to afford an instrument.

“When we give them the instrument, it becomes theirs to keep and to own as long as they continue to use it,” Berger added. “The only request we have of the student is that, if they stop using the instrument, rather than selling it to someone else, donating it to a different agency or leaving it sit around in the closet, they give it back to us.”      

There's no cost for a student to apply for or receive an instrument.

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