State Senator Holds Hearing On Sexual Misconduct In The Medical Profession

A Capital hearing seeks to examine sexual misconduct reporting in the medical profession. State Senator Jerry Hill is looking for missed opportunities to protect patients after a scandal at the University of Southern California.

Senator Hill held the hearing in response to news that USC allowed a second prominent doctor who had been the subject of misconduct complaints for years to quietly part ways with the university - without notifying the appropriate authorities.

"Why weren't the communications made? Why weren't the notifications made?" asks Senator Hill. "We want to make sure we're covering all the bases and if there's something missing, we can certainly create the requirements in the future."

Lucy Chi was a student in 2012 when she says USC gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall molested her. She says Tyndall preyed on her and others like her.

"George Tyndall exploited the conservative Asian culture, knowing that many of the women he abused were unable to speak about what happened in the exam room," says Chi. 

Tyndall was the only on-campus gynecologist for students at USC.

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