It's Almost Berry Pickin' Time In Apple Hill

With summer officially starting this week farmers in Apple Hill are inviting people to beat the heat in the Sacramento Valley and come up Apple Hill for berry picking.

At Rainbow Orchards this weekend they will begin allowing you to harvest your own blueberries.  Farmer Tom Heflin of Rainbow Orchards said blackberries will be ready to pick in about three or four more weeks.

This is just the start of the picking season in Apple Hill which can draw plenty of people looking to spend some family time in the orchards, and who, in some cases, are carrying on with a family tradition adults admit to participating in as children.


The berry picking can also be a boost to the Apple Hill economy.  Heflin said the tourists sometimes spend money on a room for an overnight stay and have a meal at a local restaurant.  Others are just passing through on their way to Tahoe, but they want to stop and get the freshest fruit their money can buy.

Different farms are open one different days and times, and they offer various activities for pickers.  Click here to get more details on dates, times, locations, and more.

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