Triple-digit Temperatures Dangerous for Pets

With a high pressure system bringing triple-digit temperatures to the Sacramento region this weekend, it's important to look out for your pets’ needs.

Temperatures above the century mark can be life-threatening to our furry friends.  They can quickly fall victim to heatstroke if left outdoors.

Unlike humans, dogs can only sweat through their footpads and cool themselves by panting.  Keeping them indoors is the best advice.

“Taking your dog for a walk in this kind of weather should be very brief,” said Mary Anne Bessey of PETA.  “Asphalt can be very hot – causing pain, burns and permanent damage to a dog’s paws after just a few minutes of contact.”

Never go running with your dog in hot weather.  The animal will collapse before it gives up. 

Never leave an animal inside a parked car where temperatures can quickly soar.

“A dog trapped inside can die from heatstroke within minutes,” said Bessey.  “…even if the car is in shade with the windows slightly open.”

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