Aerial Spraying to fight West Nile Virus set for Sacramento County

A continuing rise in West Nile Virus activity has officials scheduling aerial spraying Monday and Tuesday from 8pm- midnight over more than 40,000 acres of Sacramento County - including Elk Grove and Sacramento's Pocket Area. 

“Friday morning we had 23 more mosquito samples test positive for the virus,” said Luz Maria Robles of the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District.  “That’s in addition to 27 that tested positive on Wednesday.”

A total of 142 mosquito samples and 67 dead birds from Sacramento County have now tested positive.

"In Yolo County, we have seven positive mosquito samples and six dead birds, so we’re just starting to detect activity there,” Robles continued. 

Regarding reports that a disruption in water flow from the Pocket Canal to the Sacramento River may have unintentionally sped up the increase of West Nile Virus in the Pocket area, Robles says Vector Control can't make a direct correlation - noting Elk Grove has similar elevated levels.

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