Aerial Spraying Begins Tonight In Sacramento County - No Precautions Needed

Aerial spraying to kill mosquitoes carrying the West Nile Virus is scheduled for the next two evenings in portions of Sacramento County.

142 mosquito samples and 67 dead birds have already tested positive for West Nile virus in Sacramento County this season.  In an effort to combat a continuing increase in activity, the Sacramento-Yolo Vector Control District will be aerially spraying over Sacramento's Pocket District and the city of Elk Grove between 8pm and midnight this Monday and Tuesday.

“The plane flies at about 300 feet – so fairly low” said Vector Control’s Luz Maria Robles.  “You will definitely be able to see and hear it, but there are no necessary precautions you need to take in terms of staying indoors.  You can if it makes you feel better. You can cover your outdoor furniture but it’s not necessary.”    

Vector Disease Control Pilot Malcom Williams says that's because they're not spraying large quantities.

“We’re putting out about three-quarters of an ounce of the insecticide over the air column over an acre,” Williams explained.  “That equates to about what is in a white-out bottle.”

Williams says that's about 10-thousand drops - smiling as he notes it only takes ONE to kill a mosquito! 

Vector Control Cessna

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