Severe Sac County Animal Abuse Case Investigated

The Bradshaw Animal Shelter in Sacramento County has two possible animal cruelty cases they believe may be solved with your help.

A one year old male Papillion mix was found in an apartment complex on Marconi Ave and Lacy Lane on July 28th, according Janna Haynes at the shelter.  The dog has wounds to its face consistent with an ill-fitting muzzle or some other type of tightly wrapped material that was apparently left on its face for an extended period of time.

Male Papillion mix rescued by Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Reference number 744883

A second case being investigated involves two unrelated dogs, both less than a year old.  Haynes said they are both possibly a mix of cattle dog and terrier.  The pair were found abandoned in a crate, too small for even one of them, with electrical cords tied tightly around their necks and without food or water.  

The crate was dumped next to a row of garbage cans on Countryfield Drive near Gerber and Power Inn Road.  Someone living nearby heard the dogs crying loudly and stacked one on top of the other because of the tight space in the kennel.  Both dogs are friendly, said Haynes, but they tend to flinch when their heads are touched.  She believes that is evidence of past abuse.

Abused terrier mix dog rescued by Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Reference number 744723
Terrier mix dog rescued by Bradshaw Animal Shelter. Reference number 744725

Haynes said it crucial for for people to understand that it might not be the respective owners of these dogs who are fault.  Keeping quiet to protect someone from prosecution may only prevent law enforcement from finding who actually responsible.

As for the people who abused the dogs, Haynes said, "we are coming for you."  Click on the audio below to hear the full interview she gave to News Radio KFBK regarding these abuse cases.

Shelter officials and law enforcement are asking the public for any leads which help them find the respective owners of these dogs.

Anyone with information is asked to report to 3-1-1.  Please use reference numbers 744883 for the Papillion, and used 744723 and 744725 for the terrier mix dogs if you call in any tips.

Sacramento County Animal Cruelty Investigated, Janna Haynes, Bradshaw Animal Shelter

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