Private Company Gets You In And Out Of The DMV Faster

The state is questioning the California Department of Motor Vehicles over their extensive wait times. While the DMV is in the hot seat, one company says they can help Californians speed up that dreaded chore.

No one likes waiting for hours at the DMV. Which is why YoGov, a private company based out of Oakland is trying to help. CEO Ryder Pearce says it's all about efficiency.

"Our mission is to connect people to the DMV in a much quicker and easier way," says Pearce.

For 20 bucks, YoGov will book an appointment for you so you don't have to waste time looking for one online. And get this - as part of their line concierge service, they'll sit and wait FOR you until your number is called.

"That's free for seniors, people with disabilities, pregnant women and low-income people as well," explains Pearce.

For all others, that service will cost you about $25 an hour. YoGov says it's been widely used, especially in the summer months.

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