Sacramento PD Release Video Of In-Custody Death

On Friday the Sacramento Police Department released audio and video related to investigation of a death in custody incident that happened on July 31, 2018, in the 5200 block of Stockton Boulevard.

Officials say the death in custody investigation is still be conducted by the Sacramento Police Department’s Homicide Unit.  The investigation will be monitored by the police department's Internal Affairs Division and Investigators from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office. In addition the Office of Public Safety Accountability will have full access to material throughout the investigative process.

In a written statement police officials say, "(we) are committed to a thorough, fact-based investigation that shows our commitment to truth, integrity and our community. The release of the video / audio related to this incident is consistent with that endeavor and falls under the City Council policy on police release of video."

The video released on Friday includes four in-car camera videos, four body-worn camera videos, and one police audio file.  More video is expected to be made public as the investigation continues.

Police note that all the video and audio just released has been redacted.  They say that is to "ensure the confidentiality and privacy of those involved." Faces in the video have been blurred where considered necessary, and there is silence when audio redactions are made.

Additionally, a toxicology report from the Sacramento County Coroner is now available.

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