Prop 6 Supporters Say Caltrans Violated State Law

Prop 6 proposes to repeal the Road Repair and Accountability Act - or the gas tax, also known as Senate Bill 1. 

Members from the Yes on Prop 6 Campaign say they saw Caltrans stopping cars in San Diego County and giving drivers "No on Prop 6" campaign literature. They say this violates state law.

"We are demanding an immediate end to this practice and we are demanding that people engaged in this practice be held accountable," said Carl DeMaio of Reform California - Yes on Prop 6 Campaign. 

In a statement, Caltrans said, in part, that they're looking into the matter, but it's their understanding that these individuals were private contractors, not Caltrans employees. They added the department does not condone political advocacy and will be contacting its contractors to remind them of this. 

Yes to Prop 6 says that's not good enough.

"They are shockingly, not taking accountability for what was either a mistake or willful misconduct," DeMaio said. 

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