Placer Arts Money Up For Grabs

Placer county has a soft spot for the arts and to prove it, they're putting money on the line. The Arts Council of Placer County is dolling out grants to support the arts and cultural activities of artists and community organizations

Jim Crosthwaite is executive director of the Placer County Arts Council. He says this will be the second year in a row of providing grant money to put art in front of the public. "Last year was the first year we had resurrected the community arts grants and it's part of our scope of work for Placer County and the California Arts Council," said Crosthwaite. "We had about $80,000 we gave out last year."

Crosthwaite says the money went to all kinds of endeavors including performances and public art displays, all with a focus on the community. Applications began coming in this month but people who want to apply have until December 7th to get their information in. If you're interested, find out more at

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