Legendary WW2 Aircraft at Mather Airport

Inside the B-17

For the next few days, if you live near the Mather Airport and look up, you just may see a piece of American history flying above. 

The B-17 "Flying Fortress" is one of only eight in the world that is still flying today. Fred Dewitt is a commercial airline pilot by day, but on his days off, he volunteers to fly the B-17, to inspire others.

"We honor the World War 2 vets and keep history alive and let people know what happened to these guys," Dewitt said. 

DeWitt says during the war, the 10-man crew of this plane were young...and they didn't have it easy.

"There's no pressurization. They were told to go fly this plane for eight to 12 hours," Dewitt said. "And most of them came back with frostbite on their hands and their face and their toes. And they did it everyday." 

You can see the B-17 in action for yourself this weekend at the California Capital Airshow. It starts this Friday at 5 p.m. at Mather Airport and wraps up on Sunday. 

Inside the B-17


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