Davis "Measure L" Lawsuit

There's a dispute in Davis over a proposed senior housing development. One local attorney has filed a lawsuit, saying it discriminates against minorities.

Davis voters will decide on Measure L, which will provide more housing for local seniors, but with one component - 90 percent of the units are reserved only for people with Davis ties. 

The "Taking Care of Our Own" component is with what Sacramento civil rights attorney Mark Merin takes issue. Merin filed the suit, calling Davis a "disproportionately white community."

"To restrict the purchase to such a limited number of people is really to perpetuate what is a racial imbalance in the housing market," Merin said. 

Merin said the "Taking Care of Own" component violates the Fair Housing Act.

"The effect of this restricted sales is to perpetuate discrimination," Merin said. 

Measure L supporters say their intent is not to discriminate against anyone; they just want to focus on community needs.

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