Mapping Crime In Your Neighborhood

A newly released online crime map helps you determine crime hot spots in California. The interactive map allows you to look up specific crime data in the state and even determine how much crime is happening in your area down to your very own zip code and your neighborhood compared to the national average. 

The map is easy to navigate and color coded. 

“It has a key for the different crime layers. Dark green means that you’re well below the national average and then it goes all the way into a dark red which means that you’re well above the average,” explained Kristyn Pilgrim with ADT which released the map.

“You can sort it not just by total crimes for the area, but you can also sort it by the amount of assaults in the area, motor vehicle theft, burglary, larceny, murder, and robbery and even more serious, rape. For example, California’s overall crime rate is 0.10x less than the national average-- however, when broken down by specific crime, the rate of motor vehicle theft is 1.48x higher than the national average index.” 

Don’t stop at the state though she says. 

“You can click on the different areas. You can even type it in by zip code. You can type it in by what county you’re in or just if you want to see the general overall for the state. And, once you do that you’ll get a really nice color coded area that you’re looking at. You can click specifically in those different areas especially if you’re looking for where your home is,” added Pilgrim. 

The map is updated regularly so you’re not ever looking at statistics from last year or even three months ago. You can find the map here.

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