Rancho Cordova Woman Is Walking Billboard For Kidney Transplant

There is a genetic disorder in her family that April Simmons of Rancho Cordova has inherited.  It is a rare disease which has claimed her kidneys and forced her to undergo dialysis treatment.

"I'll be the third one in my family in need of a kidney," said Simmons.

She also said that the dialysis involves greater than normal sugar intake, so she walks daily to burn off the extra calories.  During the summer Simmons started wearing a t-shirt which reads, "I need a kidney."  The shirt also displays her telephone number and a plea for help.

So far, she has been stopped several times by curious people, but no one has offered to become a live donor.

If you are interested in helping April Simmons you can see if you are a match by calling her at 916-363-9076.

April Simmons display a t-shirt she wears advertising her need for a kidney transplant
April Simmons son wears a t-shirt advertising his mother's need for a kidney transplant

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