Donations Skyrocket for Christine Blasey Ford

Blasey Ford GoFundMe

Supporters of Christine Blasey-Ford are rallying behind her with their pocketbooks. 

So far, the family of the professor who has accused Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault is set to receive over $700,000 in donations from popular crowdfunding website, GoFundMe. 

Several pages have been set up in her honor. Before Thursday's testimony, the main page, "Help Christine Blasey Ford" was sitting at around $179,000. After the testimony, that number continued to climb all day long. It's now at just over half a million dollars.

Kavanaugh, too, has a GoFundMe page set up by someone "disgusted by the smears" aimed at the judge. That now sits at around $73,000, with most donations coming in Thursday during and after his Senate testimony.

GoFundMe will cash in on all of this, too. They charge a 2.9% processing fee, plus take 30 cents from each donation. 

Kavanaugh GoFundMe

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