Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Mark Anniversary

Route 91 Strong logo

Following that tragic day on October 1, 2017, a team of courageous survivors united and founded Route91Strong. The organization raises funds to support those who live through gun shooting tragedies. 

The mission in founding Route91Strong is to create a non-partisan, and non-political, support group to help other survivors come together for “Support, Hope, Strength, Change, and Love.” Many of Route91Strong’s applicants suffer with debilitating PTSD, sleepless nights, and nightmares; some are unable to work, unable to leave their homes, and unable to pay their bills; and some are losing their jobs, losing their homes, and tragically on suicide watch.

They will hold a one-year anniversary fundraiser Monday night (Oct. 1, 2018) in Los Angeles for those in the area who cannot make it to Las Vegas for events there. The night features  Lisa Vanderpump at the majestic and magical PUMP Restaurant Lounge.

You can find out more and learn how to support their non-profit mission at

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