What California Governor Jerry Brown Signs And Vetoes

Governor Jerry Brown considered a number of bills over the weekend. Which ones were signed and which ones didn't make the cut?

Governor Brown last night signed a bill that requires the state Justice Department to review its database and identify convictions that are eligible for either removal or reduction from felonies to misdemeanors. In a Tweet, Brown said outdated marijuana-related convictions shouldn't be a barrier to employment and housing. 

Proposition 64 that legalized recreational marijuana in 2016 applied retroactively, but it had been a long and expensive procedure to petition the courts.

Meanwhile, San Francisco won't be allowed to open so-called safe injection centers. 

Governor Brown vetoed a bill that would have approved the government-sponsored centers, saying they wouldn't reduce addiction without a corresponding requirement that users undergo treatment. He also said the bill wouldn't protect local healthcare professionals working at the centers from federal prosecution. 

State Senator Scott Wiener, who co-authored the bill, said "we shouldn't allow threats from a backward federal government stop us from helping people dying on our streets".

Governor Brown also vetoed the legislation that was meant to expand access to abortion drugs for college students. It would have required all 34 University of California and California State University campuses to make medication that induces abortion available at their health centers by 2022. The governor says services are already available off campus.

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