Doctors: How to Prevent SIDS

More than 3,500 babies in the United States die suddenly and unexpectedly every year while sleeping, often due to sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS

Sacramento County sees about 10 of these types of death each year. Doctors are urging parents to know the safest way to sleep a baby.

Dr. Angie Vickers with the Sutter Medical Center says to remember the ABCs of safe sleeping - Alone, Back, Crib.

"To adults, that looks like a very uncomfortable place to sleep," Vickers said. "But for babies, it's perfect." 

Dr. Vickers says to not put bumpers, blankets, or toys in the bed. A baby should just sleep on a firm mattress that's covered by a fitted sheet. 

As for co-sleeping, Vickers says the risks outweigh the benefits, but there is an alternative.

"The best policy is to have the safe sleep environment for the baby in the parent's room so they can continue to bond and so parents can keep an eye on the baby as they sleep through that first year of life," Vickers said. 

Click here for more information on safe sleeping and what resources are available in Sacramento County. 

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