Sac City Unified Schools Say Goodbye To Cupcakes In The Classroom

Sacramento City Unified Schools have swapped cupcakes for Clif bars. They're urging teachers to follow suit, by no longer allowing "junk food" as rewards or celebrations in the classroom.

The same is true for any fundraisers - no junk food allowed. This is part of last year's rollout of new state and federal food guidelines. The cafeteria menus have already changed, but so must the food given to kids for rewards, celebrations and extracurriculars. 

Marissa Munzing with the Health Education Council says there has been some pushback, especially when it comes to fundraisers. 

"Usually the easiest fundraisers are food fundraisers," explains Munzing. "And usually those are non-compliant foods."

She adds it's been a slow process getting all teachers on board, mostly because it's what she calls a "cultural shift."

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