Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Featured in Sac Car Show

CruiseFest on Fulton Avenue, Sacramento's largest car show, features more than 300 unique vehicles, including the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile and Planters Nutmobile.

The free event takes place on a half-mile loop between El Camino and Marconi avenues on Oct. 6 from 3 - 7:30 p.m. 

"There's a little something for everyone, including food, music and educational activities for kids," said CruiseFest spokesman Steve LaRosa. "It's family-friendly and absolutely free for spectators."

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

Hayley Rozman, an Oscar Meyer representative, said the Wienermobile is popular at car shows like CruiseFest because it's an iconic part of history. 

"The original Wienermobile came out in 1936, so a lot of what resonates with people is the nostalgia and really unique memories that people have of seeing it," Rozman said. "Our goal is to keep creating memories for people who come out to see what this giant hot dog vehicle is all about."

Inside the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

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