Fugitive Taunts Cops On Facebook Before Being Arrested

Ahmad Sadiq-Mohamed Ibrahim

A 20-year-old Texas man who was wanted by police for violating his probation and being in possession of illegal drugs taunted authorities on social media before he was arrested. The Randall County Sheriff's Office shared a photo of Ahmad Sadiq-Mohamed Ibrahim on Facebook asking for the public's help in tracking him down. Ibrahim saw the post and decided to leave a comment about the photo they picked for it. 

"Why couldn’t y’all get a recent picture? I’ll be in so y’all can do that."

Ibrahim was not done taunting the cops on Facebook. He replied again to the post joking: "It’s wanted Wednesday let’s see if y’all can get me on this Wednesday."

Before he was taken into custody, Ibrahim fired off one more post, this time insulting police officers.

"Lol freedom of speech I can speak on whatever on them pigs."

Authorities managed to track Ibrahim down and took him into custody. They even commented on the original Facebook post adding a photo of Ibrahim being loaded into the back of a police car. 



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