California Has Billions in Unclaimed Property

The State Controller's Office announced it's added $770 million to the billions of dollars of unclaimed property. Could some of it be yours?

The property includes money from a forgotten bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, or uncashed checks, according to State Controller's Office spokesperson Nicole Winger. 

"Maybe grandma took out a savings bond in your name and you never knew about it or someone named you in a life insurance policy and they've passed away and you didn't know about it," Winger says.


Winger says there's no time limit to collect unclaimed property and California residents can check online at to see if there's something being held for them. 

"I would also encourage people to keep checking back," Winger says. "Check our website regularly because we do receive more properties every year."

About 580,000 claims were filed last year totalling about $309 million, with the average amount of money being paid out being more than $500, according to Winger. 

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