Couple Says Ohio Haunted House Featured Mock Rape Scene


A haunted house in Akron, Ohio is being accused of simulating a rape scene in an attempt to scare guests. Akron Fright Fest, which bills itself as an R-rated horror experience, has six different haunted houses set up, and three of them are so intense they require guests to sign a waiver. 

When Ryan Carr and his girlfriend decided to check out the haunted houses, they decided to go inside one the three houses which did not require a waiver. When they entered, they were shocked after one of the employees inside pretended to rape Carr.

"The only thing we saw walking past was a guy jumps out from under the bed and we said, 'Hey, that's neat,' and then as I'm walking by the guy grabs me and throws me on the bed," Carr told Fox 8. "My girlfriend walks over and says, 'Hey, what are you doing? That's my boyfriend,' and he says, 'Not anymore. He's mine now; I'm going to rape him,' and then he started thrusting against me and after like four seconds of that it was really awkward so I just like sat up and said, 'I'm going to go now,' and I left," he added.

This was not an isolated incident, as a mother told the news station that something similar happened to her 16-year-old son. 

"He was with a group of friends going through the three non-waiver houses. He said he was thrown onto a mattress by some guy in a pig mask. The guy was "humping" him, demanded he squeal like a pig and then forcefully took his legs and was trying to pull them apart."

The owners of the haunted houses said that the fake rape scene was not something they intentionally put in the show and are investigating the situation. Jeremy Caudill, who is managing partner of Melanie Lake, Inc. at Kim Tam Park, which is where the haunted houses are set up, said that the employee responsible has been suspended. He also said that a portion of the proceeds from the weekend will be donated to the Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties.


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