Sacto Roads Among The Worst In America Says Report

The nation's worst roads are in and near San Francisco.  A new study by TRIP shows that 71-percent of streets in SF, Oakland, and neighboring cities are in a dilapidated state.  Researchers say the average SF driver loses over a thousand-dollars a year in repair costs as a result of badly deteriorated streets.  The second-worst roadways are in San Jose, where 64-percent of the pavement is in poor condition.

Sacramento comes in at number 12 on the list, and TRIP spokeswoman Carolyn Kelly said 41% of the roads in the Capital City are list as being in poor condition.

The report is being questioned by Carl DeMaio.  He is leading the way for the Yes on 6 campaign to repeal the gas tax hike approved by the California Legislature this year as a means of funding infrastructure projects, including roads and bridges.

DeMaio insisted to KFBK that TRIP is funded by government entities which want more of your tax money.  He is suspicious about the timing of the report so close to the November election and a vote on Proposition 6.

Read the full report by clicking here.

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