The Luck You and I Share

Kitty's Crew

(left to right: producer Kristin Close, producer Madeline Hall, anchor/reporter Cindy Cha, Kitty O'Neal, Mike Hagerty, traffic anchor Dana Hess, Assistant News Director/Assignment Editor Tim Lantz and reporter Cassandra Webb)

What you see pictured above are a group of people who truly love what they do.  The woman in the center of the picture is a big reason for that.

33 years ago today, Kitty O'Neal walked in the door for the first day of her new job at KFBK, bringing with her a ray of sunshine that has shown up every day since.  It's impossible to underestimate the optimism, energy and sheer joy Kitty contributes just by coming in to work.  

Two years ago next week, I was given the honor of a career by (in the same day) being promoted to News Director and joining Kitty every day for the KFBK Afternoon News from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.   The number one question I get from people I meet?   "Is Kitty O'Neal really as nice as everybody says?"  The answer is yes. 

And she's not only nice, she's smart, talented, dedicated to straightforward, factual news reporting and loves Sacramento more than you can imagine---as her tireless work for charities and other organizations in our area demonstrates.  Sacramento is lucky to have her.  As is KFBK.  As am I.  

Join us today at 4.

Kitty in studio with balloons

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