Prop 6 Leader Threatens to Recall Attorney General

Prop 6 campaign leader Carl DeMaio is threatening to recall California Attorney General Xavier Becerra over what he says is misleading language in the ballot.

At a press conference held at the State Capitol on Oct. 29, DeMaio announced paperwork has been filed to form a committee for the recall effort. He also stated he has evidence Becerra is intentionally misleading voters, but he refused to reveal what it is.

"If this ultimately does damage Prop 6 and causes it to lose because people were defrauded of their 'yes' votes, we intend to punish the state officer responsible, and that is the Attorney General," DeMaio said. 

Carl DeMaio

Robin Swanson, a spokesperson for the No on Prop 6 campaign, called the move "desperate."

"He had a chance to actually challenge the ballot title and summary," Swanson said. "He did not do that, so a week before the election, he's trying to do a publicity stunt to confuse voters." 

Becerra is currently up for re-election on the November ballot.  

According to a new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California, 41 percent plan to vote in favor Prop 6, while 48 percent are opposed.

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