UC Davis Students Host a "Party at the Poll"

Students at the UC Davis are getting out the vote today on campus by hosting a "Party at the Poll" to encourage other students to register and cast a ballot.

The student volunteers with the California Public Interest Research Group or CALPIG are texting, holding signs and giving out free snacks to stress the importance of voting in the midterm elections. There's even a "democracy dog" at a table to get the attention of passersby.

UC Davis Student

Nicole Walter is the lead organizer of the event at UC Davis, and she says the group has already helped 590 students get registered and vote.

"I think for a lot of people — especially on a college campus — it's a lot of people's first time voting," Walter said. "People are running up to us really excited having questions."

Walter says the youth vote is extremely important this year because it is the one of the most diverse and potentially large voting blocs. Walter says she is personally more excited about this election because she now understands how close elections can be.

"We've seen elections decided by a couple of dozen votes or a coin toss even," Walter said. "I just know that casting my ballot is a really important part of being a part of this democracy."

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