CA International Marathon Races Through Sacramento

The 36th annual California International Marathon will feature largest field of runners in the history of the event on Sunday, December 2.  General marathon registration and marathon charity entries pushed the registration total to over 13,000 runners with another 7,500 runners combined in the CIM Relay Challenge, inaugural Capitol 5k, and maraFUNrun 5k to a grand of over 20,000 participants.

Runners will follow a route from the Folsom Dam to downtown Sacramento and the California State Capitol.


MILE – CLOSURE TIME : LOCATION1 – 5:20 a.m.-7:50 a.m.: Oak Ave.2 – 5:20-8:05: American River Canyon Dr.5:20-8:05: Santa Juanita & Oak Ave.3 – 6:55-8:20: April & Oak Ave.4 – 6:55-8:30: Beach & Oak Ave.5 – 6:55-8:45: Wachtel6 – 6:55-9:00: Fair Oaks Blvd. & Oak Ave.7 – 6:55-9:15: Woodlake Hills & Fair Oaks Blvd.6:55-9:30:Greenback Lane8 – 7:15-9:30: Niessen & Fair Oaks Blvd.7:15-9:40: Madison Ave.9 – 7:15-9:50: Dorian & Fair Oaks Blvd.10 – 7:15-10:00: Main & Fair Oaks Blvd.7:15-10:05: Sunrise Blvd.11 – 7:15-10:15: New York Ave. & Fair Oaks Blvd.12 – 7:15-10:30: Hollister & Fair Oaks Blvd.13 – 7:15-10:45: California & Fair Oaks Blvd.7:15-11:00: Manzanita Ave.14 – 7:30-11:00: Grant & Fair Oaks Blvd.15 – 7:30-11:15: Kenneth Ave. & Fair Oaks Blvd.16 – 7:30-11:30: Garfield & Fair Oaks Blvd.17 – 7:30-11:45: Paloma & Fair Oaks Blvd.18 – 7:30-12:00: Saverien & Fair Oaks Bvd.19 – 7:30-12:15 p.m.: Coronado and Fair Oaks Blvd.7:30-12:30: Watt Ave.20 – 7:30-12:30: Hawthorne & Fair Oaks Blvd.21 – 7:30-12:45: University & Fair Oaks Blvd.8:00-12:45: Howe Ave.22 – 8:00-1:00: Carlson & J Street23 – 8:00-1:15: Bear Flag & J Street24 – 8:00-1:30: 33rd & J Street8:00-1:30: Alhambra Blvd.8:00-1:45: L Street25 – 8:00-1:50: 22nd & L Street26 – 8:00-2:00: 8th & L Street

Additional road closures and important information listed below.The Capitol Mall between 8th St and 9th St will be closed beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Friday, 11/30 until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, 12/2/18.

8th St and 9th St between N St and L St will be closed beginning at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, 11/30/18 until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, 12/2/18.

10th St between N St and L St will be closed beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, 11/30 until 5:00 p.m. Sunday, 12/2.

Folsom-Auburn Road to the north of the start area is closed to through traffic at the intersection of Eureka Road beginning at 3:00 a.m. and reopening at 9:30 a.m. Only vehicles taking runners to the start will be allowed past the Eureka Road intersection.

The California Highway Patrol mandates the road closures and has ultimate authority on executing the closing and opening of the roads during CIM.

After the first, very fast handcrank wheelchair racer, there will be large gaps between other racers, and intersections staffed by law enforcement may very carefully wave through traffic, when possible.

Slower runners might fall behind the reopen times shown above. In such cases, the runners are pedestrians responsible for heeding normal traffic laws.

Regular traffic will be allowed on the course by the CHPs reopening the course according to the times in the table above.  

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