The Short List With Cristina Mendonsa


The Mueller report will dominate the news cycle early this week. No collusion, no obstruction....but Mueller specifically said his findings were not an "exoneration" as the President has claimed. The battle now turns to congressional and public calls to release the full report which will be difficult because its through a grand jury and there was no indictment. Also this week - The Israeli PM will be in DC to meet with President Trump, CA home prices are driving people out of the state and we're not building even half what we need to be to keep pace.  

Do you toss a few back then shop online? Drunk online shopping is a 48 Billion dollar much so that retailers will often target ads after 9pm. The first ever all female space walk happens this week, we have a podcast episode with the founder of an all female luxury and networking resort, your snow report from Pat Mac and SAM SHANE is joining me on the KFBK Morning News starting April1st! I joined him on air over the weekend as he closed out his Talk Live Saturday show.

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