A New Approach to the KFBK Afternoon News

Mike Hagerty and Kitty O'Neal in the News 93.1 KFBK air studio

You may have noticed some changes around Sacramento's #1 for breaking news, traffic and weather. Our new KFBK Morning News team of Cristina Mendonsa and Sam Shane debuted today. Kitty O'Neal and I aren't going anywhere, but The KFBK Afternoon News is making some changes.

In addition to the local news, breaking news and the traffic and weather every 10 minutes you've come to depend on, we'll be giving you more in-depth perspective and analysis---helping you understand the "why" of the big stories. We'll look at people and organizations that are working to build a better Sacramento.

It all starts today at 4 and goes until just before the Pat Walsh Show at 7:05. We hope you'll join us.

---Mike Hagerty

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