PG&E Announces Blackout Fire Prevention Plan

California Town Of Paradise Devastated By The Camp Fire Continues Search And Recovery Efforts

PG&E has announced a plan to reduce wildfire risk this summer by cutting power on high wind days. However, that could also leave thousands of Californians in the dark for unspecified amounts of time, leaving most unprepared for it. As many as five million people could be affected by rolling blackouts this summer that could last as long as five days.

Chris Munson lives in Cameron Park and says she believes the power company has handled the threat of wildfires poorly in recent years.

"Our power lines in Cameron Park are underground, so we should not be as affected, but i think its scary what could happen to a lot of people."

As a registered nurse, Munson is worried about the elderly and those who rely on continuous power for their health needs.

PG&E says it plans to try to give its customers at least two days warning before a blackout would occur.

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