Insane Video Captures The Moment A KFC Was Obliterated By An Explosion

A Kentucky Fried Chicken in Eden, North Carolina was reduced to rubble following a massive explosion early Thursday (July 11) morning. The restaurant had been closed for about two hours and nobody was hurt in the blast, which was so powerful it could be felt from miles away.

"We're just so lucky that this wasn't 12 hours different," said Eden Mayor Neville Hall. "[If it happened] at noon, during the day, we'd have had a much worse situation. The main thing is no one was injured."

Authorities are still trying to determine what caused the explosion. One employee reported smelling gas before leaving for the night. Technicians from Piedmont Natural Gas were on the scene and "found nothing unusual" when they checked the pipes. Officials say it could take a few days for investigators to identify why the building exploded.

Surveillance cameras from a pharmacy next door captured the massive blast. The picture goes completely white as the building explodes, sending flaming debris in all directions and leaving nothing but rubble where the building used to be.

"We are devastated by this incident, but most importantly we are grateful that all of our restaurant team members are safe and no one was injured," a KFC spokesperson said in a statement.

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