The Most Commonly Searched Car Questions on Google

Google "how to buy a car" search

Experience is a great teacher. For those of us who've been around a while, "how to buy a car" isn't something that we feel the need to do an online search for. But a lot of people do.

Click4Reg is an online car registration company in the UK---you use them to do what you do at the DMV here---register your car, get the plates for it, and so on. They did some research into cars and drivers in the USA (there are 227 million of us), and found some interesting statistics about what car-related things we Americans use Google for and the list is, well---interesting to say the least.

Far and away the most common online search is "how to jumpstart a car". That makes sense---nobody wants to be electrocuted or to have their battery explode. 90,500 Americans Google that every single month.

Number two is "how to buy a car"---only about a tenth as many people as "how to jumpstart a car"---9,900 searches in the USA every month.

There's a four-way tie for third place, with "how to change a car battery", "how to clean car seats", "how to hotwire a car" and "how to sell a car" all getting 8,100 searches.

And after that, there's a tie for seventh place, too---6,600 searches a month for "how to lease a car", "how to paint a car", "how to remove scratches from a car" and----"how to have sex in a car".

For perspective, only 4,400 people in the USA Google "how to get a car loan" every month.

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