Explosion From Gender Reveal in Iowa Felt More Than 2 Miles Away

gender reveal goes wrong

gender reveal goes wrong

Authorities in central Iowa responded to an explosion at a gender reveal party just one day after another gender reveal party explosion ended with the death of a 56-year-old grandmother.

Officials with the Waukee fire and police departments responded to reports of an explosion at around 5:30 p.m. Sunday in the 32000 block of Ute Ave in Dallas County, city officials said in a release.

"Upon arrival, personnel spoke to the owners of the property and confirmed that there was an explosion as a result of a gender reveal announcement," the release states. "A commercially available gender reveal kit was found to be the cause of the explosion."

Waukee Fire Department Capt. Tommie Tysdal told KCCI that the property owner responsible for the explosion used a Tannerite gender reveal boom box kit.

"They shot it with a rifle, which is legal," Tysdal said. "They are in the county, they are not in the city limits of Waukee, (so) as far as we know its legal."

Witnesses reportedly felt the explosion from the gender reveal from more than 2 miles away. No injuries were reported, however, there was a complaint of a broken window as a result of the explosion, but that has not been substantiated.

While no one was injured in this gender reveal explosion, Tysdale said injury is always a possibility when dealing with explosives.

"Anytime you are dealing with any type of explosion or explosive it is dangerous," he said.

The explosion came one day after a 56-year-old woman in Marion County, Iowa was struck and killed during a gender reveal party on Saturday. Officials said the woman, who has not been identified by officials, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Explosive gender reveals are among a series of 'gender-reveals gone wrong' that also include a man in Tuscon, Arizona who shot at a target set up on some dry grassland that was supposed to release a pink or blue cloud of smoke to indicate the baby's gender. However, after the gunshot, the target exploded, sparking a fire that would eventually char about 47,000 acres in Southern Arizona.